Ellie in Arran


My beautiful baby girl in her favourite place in the world! I’ve painted her in acrylics as she often sits: on guard and looking quite haughty!! I wouldn’t dream of saying anything to her, but she really does have the most enormous nose and ears!!! We had stopped in the layby on the beach at Corrie on our way round the island. The sun was setting and there were some absolutely stunning scenes.

The Three Wise Shepherds


The wonderful Ellie again, in a very different light! This is an acrylic painted in eye-wateringly bright colours. She’s looking very cool in shades and headphones and chewing on a bone. It’s loosely based on the old adage “see no, hear no, speak no evil”. The kids in the family love this one! I’ve had the image printed on tee-shirts as well as being available in canvas form.

The Weebles


My interpretation in acrylics of Munoz’s “Conversation Piece”, otherwise known as the Weebles to most of the locals in South Shields. I’ve depicted it in shades of blues and violets...I took the original photographs on a cold but really sunny day with a sky so bright blue it hurt to look at it. I had a few problems getting good shots as Ellie, my dog, was on a lead beside me and had other ideas about how long she wanted to sit among statues while the sea and beach were just moments away!!!

The Groyne, South Shields: high tide 2017


Like many people I packed up my trusty camera and headed down to the beach at Littlehaven on the day of the high tide. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the sea so far up the beach and with the Groyne’s walkway fully covered. It was amazing to see the waves pounding the legs of the tower structure. It was also absolutely freezing and I’d forgotten my gloves...only stayed long enough to get enough shots to use for the painting then headed back for a cuppa!!



North East England





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