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Standing Stones - Arran


One of my first attempts at representing the incredible landscapes of Arran. The first time I went to see the Stones, with my friend Elaine and my German shepherd Ellie, like everyone who goes there I was totally fascinated! And the mystique was even more enhanced by witnessing some sort of Pagan ceremony that was coincidentally happening at the same time as we got there. Incredible!! I could really see the sunrise behind the Stones and how magical they would be with light streaming through them. So I used Florentine tapestry in blues running through to reds and oranges to simulate the sunset, applique and quilting for the landscape and embroidery to represent the sun’s rays. I also used some fabric paints to get more shadowing effects.

Holy Island Lighthouse - Arran


You couldn't come to Arran and not try and represent holy Island in some way.

This is again done in floretnine background and a lightweigh silver fabric in the foreground to represent the water. For a bit of extra magic I've used glitter on the water.


Storm over Pladda


I’ve used shades of blues and grays in this picture with the graduated grays of the Florentine representing billowing storm clouds over Pladda and Holy Island. Embroidery silks zig zag down over the scene as lightening bolts. I’ve also used silver embroidery in the sea showing light glinting on the water.

Drumadoon Point


Yet another foray with Elaine and Ellie (many of them around this area as Ellie adores this beach). I was struck by the unusual and imposing rock formation, standing like a sentinel overlooking the sea. I’ve used more pastel shades for the Florentine work here, with applique, quilting and fabric paints. I’ve also added some glittered paints for the sun on the sea as well as small pebbles collected from the beach in the foreground representing rocks.



North East England





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