Textile Animals

Highland cows


I love animals and find them endlessly amusing. I was brought up in the world of Johnny Morris and “Animal magic” (you have to be a certain age to get that reference – but you can google it!!)

So, while I am making images of them, I also imagine what they are saying/thinking. The Highland cows are a case in point: I think they are sooooo handsome and at the same time so comical – when I did portraits of them I couldn’t help but put words into their heads – hence the titles of the pictures!

Wee Brian is a bit slow and very, sweet but always forgets to look after his teeth. Ginger is a bit vain and image conscious, tossing her hair in the wind like in a shampoo commercial. Dougie blunders through life and doesn’t really think too much of how things happen around him – like bumping into a snow laden branch...

"It's auburn, NOT ginger!"

"Anyone got any dental floss?"

Dougie couldn't understand why he had an 'ice-cream' headache!



Arran was my main inspiration to seriously take up art again. I’ll be honest, I’m not a golfer, so the thought of seven golf courses on a fairly compact island was intriguing – and as you travel around the island you see not only golf clubs, but many, many sheep. I got to thinking: what do the sheep make of golf ? What do they think of people? They seem pretty chilled with it all but what’s really going though their minds?

"This is an Eagle?"

Baaa-ty Time

"This is a Birdie?"

Baaa-ty's Over



North East England





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